Bloody Hell

31 Oct

Well, we’re in the final stretch of the year! For my school, at least, only 34 days left!!! Not that I’m counting…

Yesterday, as I was thinking about what I would post today, I was thinking about how I would be able to say that we had hardly any work, since it was the last term. Today, as I review that comment, I see it would now be a lie. I have an assignment in almost every subject! My friend is coming to sleep over tomorrow night, and staying til just before tea time on Saturday, so tonight and the rest of the weekend will have to be jam-packed full of homework.

I honestly don’t really know what I’m going to do. There’s so much work to be done. And yet, I’m writing on a blog that little to no people read. But that’s life, isn’t it.

MY OTP KISSED!!! In Once Upon A Time, I ship Emma Swan and Captain Hook SOOOOOO much and they kissed and they fit together so well just omfg. AND THEN HE SAID AS YOU WISH WHICH WE ALL KNOW MEANS I LOVE YOU FROM THE PRINCESS BRIDE OMFG I AM DYING ASDFGHJPILKNM 9OILKJMF GAAAAH

Okay, sorry, fangirling over.

I just thought I’d add that when you like my posts, it makes me feel SO happy. It lets me know that you like my thoughts, and maybe I’m not so bad after all.


I should probably get some homework done now.




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